KJMN Multivitamin Energizing hair pack with Ginseng extract and Avocado oil

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Quantity 1000 ml
Energizing hair pack with vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E, Ginseng, Orange, Lemon extract and Avocado oil.
The content of active ingredients protects and restores fading, weakened, damaged hair. Nourishes, hydrates, revitalizes hair and stimulates hair growth.

Aqua,Cetearyl Alcohol,Cetrimonium Chloride ,Persea Gratissima Oil,Parfum,Citrus Sinensis Extract,Citrus Limon Extract,Panax Ginseng Root Extract,Citric Acid,Cyclopentasiloxane,Dimethiconol,Propylene Glycol,Niacinamide,Calcium Pantothenate,Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate,Tocopheryl Acetate,Pyridoxine HCI,Maltrodextrin Sodium Starch,Octenylsuccinate Silica,Benzyl Alcohol,Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone